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It started from a messy desk. There were too many stuff on the desk. We tried to add an item to store the messy little things.
Desk+1 established in 2012, then the first product Storage Box was created.
Desk+1 means add one more item on the desk, and it means the product line including metal stationery on desk, souvenirs and innovative ideas at home. Moreover, it is not only adding one unit, but one more function, desire, passion, beauty…etc.
This is basic brand philosophy of Desk+1.
The emotional connection between product and user is treasure for Desk+1. The products are designed with function, aesthetics and utility. Based on over 30-year experience on metalworking, we know it well the differences between 0.1mm will make heaven out of hell or vice versa. The high end crafts are made by superior craftspeople in Taiwan. They pay attention to details and willing to challenge the manufacturing process for better products.
BanYan Institute of Precision Engineering Co. Ltd is a manufacturer of steel case. Our services include samples, pilot run and varieties of small quantities. What makes us outstanding in metal manufacturing? Not only high quality products, but also precision and expertise. We can satisfy our clients integrated service from design to manufacture high quality metalworking. Based on decades of experiences in metal crafts, BanYan started to build up its own brands. Desk+1   develop with series of high end stationery, and ArtiFex is focus on high quality metal products.

BanYan is a certificated ISO 9001 manufacturer, and the process of surface treatment meets RoHS compliance. We keep sharpening our skills on crafts and making remarkable progress on deliver more high quality products for ArtiFex and Desk+1.